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  • Pauric Holleran

    Web Developer
    C# | ASP.NET MVC | Javascript | Entity Framework


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Automated Responsive Emails

Emails sent on completion of survey form
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Equipment Database

Tracks equipment assigned to students. Implements ASP.NET MVC 5 and Entity Framework 6.
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Contact Page

Contact details appear on hover using CSS transitions.
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Image Search Abstraction API

Node and MongoDB. Returns image details JSON based on search query.
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ALL Website

Over 50 web pages. Homepage has carousel and drop-down menu.
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Chai Assertion Documentation

Intelligent, responsive documentation for unit testing library.

About me

Web Developer with experience in C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Javascript, Node, React, and API Design.
Pauric Holleran

Hi, I’m Pauric Holleran

C# Web Developer

I develop front-end and full-stack software solutions to support staff and students at UCD.

I use ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework to create applications deployed on Azure.

I studied Electronic Engineering at DCU (B.Eng 2007).

I live in Dublin, Ireland.

My Skills


AJAX, Partial Views, Route Tables

Entity Framework

Code First Migrations, Lazy Loading


Generics, LINQ, Interfaces and extension methods


JSX, State Management

My Blog

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    How to Update Your Database Structure in Entity Framework

    There is a range of database initializers you can use in different stages of the development process. For a production database, Migrations allow you change your database structure without loss of data.

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    Configuring Entity Relationships with Entity Framework

    It's tempting to manually configure relationships in Entity Framework using the Fluent API. However, it's often more effective to configure by convention.

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    My Blog

    Visit my blog for more posts on Web Development!


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